[Closed] Closed Captioning

It's very frustrating to watch an entire series only to have the very LAST episode not display.




  • Hi there,

    I'm sorry that the video you want to watch hasn't been subtitled yet.

    To provide some context - we don't actually translate or subtitle content ourselves; instead, our passionate volunteer community (people like you!) subtitle content on Viki. You can learn more about our volunteer community here.

    When subtitles for a video don’t appear or are incomplete, the community has not finished with the subtitling yet. But don't worry, they'll get to it very soon!

    You can check a video if it has been completely subtitled by referring to the subtitle completion percentage at the bottom of the video thumbnail. Follow the channel to get mobile notifications from the Viki mobile app when subtitles are completed. For more details on how to do this, please refer to this FAQ.

    If you notice that the subtitle completion percentage is 100% but you still do not see subtitles, do let us know the show title and episodes and we will assist to look into it. 


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  • It just seemed odd that every episode but the last of 1% of something was subtitled but the very last one and every once in a while it would show the words final credit

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  • Especially at the channel of 1% of Something the team is offering the translation schedule on the main page. The videos have only been added on the 29th July, so the volunteers there did a wonderful job I would say.

    For your information final credits are not necessarily added by translators. It's more likely that someone else of the team segmenter/moderator/channel manager wrote that.

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