[Closed] Wrong celebrity profile Yang Chaoyue

Are there a way fans could provide correction or update on celebrity profile?

I notice some celebrity has their profile in multi language, who does the celebrity profile translation? Can someone like me contribute?

or do we have to come here to report?

Yang Chaoyue:

Her birth day is Jul 31, 1998, not Aug 17, 1998.  

Also, the show she was in, 创造101 had an official well-know English name, Produce 101, not creation 101.



  • Hi there!

    Thanks for highlighting these to us, we'll be making the changes shortly.

    Should you see any other edits needed on the celebrity profile pages, do let us know and we'll assist to follow up with it.


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  • Hi Michelle, I guess the translations can only be provide as a feedback over here?


    I figured the profile shall be edited to:

    Yang Chaoyue is a Chinese actress and singer. Born on July 31, 1998, she debuted as a member of Rocket Girls 101 in 2018. She also has appeared in popular reality shows such as “Produce 101” (2018) and “Heart Signal” (2018).

    here is the Chinese simplified zh-cn translation:

    杨超越,1998年7月31日出生于中国江苏省盐城市大丰区,中国大陆女演员及歌手。 2018年4月参加选秀节目《创造101》后在网上引发热议,最终以第3名的票选名次出道并成为“火箭少女101”组合成员。 2018年参加真人秀《心动的信号》,2019年出演电视剧《仲夏满天心》。

    and Chinese tradition zh-tw translation:

    楊超越,1998年7月31日出生於中國江蘇省鹽城市大豐區,中國大陸女演員及歌手。 2018年4月參加選秀節目《創造101》後在網上引發熱議,最終以第3名的票選名次出道並成為“火箭少女101”組合成員。 2018年參加真人秀《心動的信號》,2019年出演電視劇《仲夏滿天心》。


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  • Hello,

    We have updated Yang Chaoyue's page with the new information.

    Do note that celebrities' description is usually not translated to other languages but we appreciate your input and feedback above regardless.


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