[Solved] Two English subtitles at the same time

All of the videos I watch have two lines of English subtitles when using Safari on my iPad. I’m trying to watch The Untamed and I can’t get rid of one of the English subtitles. The learn mode is grayed out and the show subtitle switch isn’t working. The same happens with almost every other drama I try to watch. I downloaded the viki app to see if the problem was still there but the subtitles were normal. How do I get rid of one of the subtitles!



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    Do note that mobile web browser video playback is no longer supported on Viki and that is likely why you are experiencing that issue.

    Videos on Mobile Web Players, be that tablets, smartphones or TV browsers, do not provide the same video watching experience and are more likely to cause playback and video loading issues.

    For the best experience, do download our app via iTunes or check out all of our supported apps here.


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  • Hi, there could you tell, which drama and episode you mention?

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  • I was watching The Untamed, episode 40. But this happens with every episode and other dramas as well, such as Legend of Fuyao, Suspicious Partner, etc.

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  • I am sorry, I have no idea ... The only thing I can say is that I am using Mozilla Firefox on my PC and subtitles appear normal. I guess you will need to wait for Viki to help.

    I don't know if you looked at this post before and if this may help you in any way.

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