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I've been watching the chinese drama "Youth" for a while now and viki suddenly says it's not available in my region and won't let me watch it anymore. I'm 15 episodes in and I don't understand how a drama that has been fine in my region is no longer available. Does anyone know why this suddenly happened and is there anything I can do about it? I've requested it to be available but I don't want to play the waiting game and resort to youtube :/



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  • When the license end is reached, videos of that channel won't be available any longer.

    You can suggest Viki to get the license again, but that can take a long time or might never happen. (Everything is possible.)

    There is a feature planned (Link of post by irmar) but when it will be available is another question. If you want to up vote the post, maybe Viki gets more motivated in that direction.

    (Sorry, that I couldn't put the link directly the system wouldn't let me.)


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