Can you volunteer to subtitle and segment shows without joining a community?



  • Hi,


    Thank you so much for all the team who do the subbing for us but I have to say is it possible to stop people from commenting until you have done the subbing.

    I feel bad for all those who do the subbing and people seem to have patience and wait for it even though you guys say that subtitles is on the way.

    Suggestion is to lock the commenting until after.



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  • You can offer to subtitle or segment on the Discussion Forum:   Once someone chooses you to subtitle/segment on the show they are managing, you get added to that show only. No one has freedom to sub/seg every show, only the shows where the channel manager CM allows you to sub/seg. I see on your profile page that you're learning Korean. A language moderator may test your ability before adding you on a show.

    There are many comments on a show which have nothing to do with when the subs are coming. I don't think it would be right for Viki to lock comments until subs are done. Also, some shows have very small teams and the subs take several months. That is way too long to lock comments! Comments are meant to keep people informed.

    The world is full of impatient, negative people. Just choose to be positive and leave an encouraging comment for the show's subtitlers.

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  • Suddenly the Subtitles aren't working for Immortal Samsara. I'm at episode 33. Does that mean some time will need to go by till the subbing is done on the last 30 or so episodes?

    For some reason, I can't open settings. Is it just me or are others having this problem?

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  • devirama77_689

    Suddenly the Subtitles aren't working

    To see if the translation is done you can look at the main page of the drama, click on the episodes, and you will see the percentage of subtitles, if we are talking about the English subtitles, they are completed.

    Most of the time re-loading the page is helping, or closing browser and re-open it again. Or shutting down the pc and starting it anew. No clue what you got to do if you perhaps view it via phone app.

    Hope you will get to see drama’s subtitles again soon.

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