[Solved] The Disguiser

Can you explain why “The Disguiser” used to be available through your app for USA but not anymore?



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    Hi there!

    I'm afraid that the title you're looking for is no longer available in your region.

    You can find new and exciting content on the Explore page or on our TV Guide! If there's a specific TV show or movie you want to be added to Viki, you can request it here.

    All the best,

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  • i watched 6 episodes of DISGUISER on rakuten viki and absolutely loved it. the director and most actors are from my favorite NIRVANA IN FIRE.  i am paying each month almost $10 to viki, and i was extremely disappointed that DISGUISER simply disappeared. i am in usa. could you please bring it back? 

    and another drama that i would like to see is SIX FLYING DRAGONS. any plans to bring this one back?

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