No subtitles for two days. Credit card company seeking refund

I am continually getting the runaround in dealing with viki I have had no subtitle for two days. Response has will fix has been fix and yet it has not. Credit card company has informed me a full refund can be obtained. The company has failed to keep their agreement in providing services with subtitle. Anything more than twenty-four hours of interrupted services is ground for a full refund no matter where the company resides and a investigation establish as to the seller being able to provide said services they are advertising. Especially to said consumers in the United States which prohibites false advertisement



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    Hello winterbabyx1_292,

    As a staff here at Viki, we'd like to confirm that a Viki Pass subscription does not guarantee any subtitles. Our subtitles are provided by our amazing volunteer community. 

    However, we do thank you for your feedback. 


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  • "their agreement in providing services with subtitle".

    You will have to find this somewhere on Viki. You're welcome to search the whole website, and I can guarantee you will find it nowhere. They never agreed to provide subtitles. 
    How do I know? Because they cannot agree to provide something that someone else provides for free. It's not Viki that provides the subtitles. Viki provides the platform and the volunteers, whenever they choose, and whenever they like a show, subtitle it for fun and for sharing their love of Asian dramas. 

    Viki cannot sell something it never bought with money. 

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  • You who believes everything they read without research. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Where yes we are a diverse country the UNITED STATES our majority of language is ENGLISH. Our major companies network would not invest in companies that would not appeal to it's major stock investor which I might add speak English. To try to a appeal to a large audience and want to do business in the UNITED STATES than it would be in your best interest to include SUBTITLES in English. Otherwise, why ask for volunteers? Viki employee or whatever you considered your misguided devotion to be have your company pull all subtitles and just come as you are in your one language whatever that seems to be. I can assure you your companies revenue will go to less than half of what it brings in. From a LEGAL point of view. Come with facts or don't come at all.

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  • Hello!

    There is one fact in life, that if you make a contract, always read the content of the contract.

    This is what Viki writes about subtitles:

    And these are the Viki Pass options:

    And before you get more angry at irmar or me, then just don't. Yes, we are no staffers from Viki. We are volunteers and that's it. If you want to communicate further in this way, be sure to do it with the "real" Viki employees. You should write on your next post, that you don't want any reply by unpaid volunteers. We will make sure not to answer you then. Have a nice day.

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