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Touch your heart Episode 11 has no english subs, I am a new subsriber how long until the english subtitles appear?



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  • It's not a bug, it is very normal.

    Viki does not upload videos with English subtitles. Only the ones which come from Kocowa and are behind Vikipass Plus. All the others are uploaded without subtitles for the enjoyment of all the Asian and other viewers who understand the language. Then they are subtitled, little by little, by volunteers who give their free time, around their schedule of sleep, work, school and family obligations. But this takes some time. On popular shows like Touch Your Heart this time is really really minimal, they work like mad because they know how much the viewers are desperate for them. But still it cannot be done instantly, they are human beings. 

    For you, there are two options:

    1. Tell yourself that the episodes come one day later than they actually do. If you give them 24 hours, the subs will be done and probably also edited, so that you are not annoyed by mistakes in English syntax and grammar. 

    2. If you cannot do that, don't watch on-air dramas. There are dozens of good ones fully subbed already. Choose one of them, wait until this on-air has finished airing and subbing, and then watch it. 


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