[Solved] 500 DOG errors, CANNOT get into SUB OR SEG TOOLS! YET I can get into my MANAGE menu on cover so...?

I can't get into the drama to work on it at all - I tried Ming Lan, Perfect Couple, Jumong.  On ML and PC I can get into my proper MANAGE key menu on the cover so...this looks like a more general problem?


I can't get in with either sub or seg tools at all, whether I call it from my project page on my profile OR from pulling the video up and clicking on the pencil or scissors on the video. NOTHING BUT 500 DOG ERROR.


Help me Obiwan're my only hope.



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    Hi guys! 

    So sorry that you were facing issues! Everything's back to normal now :)

    If you still need further help, please let me know!


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  • This also happens to me now, what's the problem?!

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