Problemas com Upgrade para o Viki Pass Plus




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    Hi. I have an annual Viki Pass Standard account that renewed in January (which I wasn't even notified that the renewal would be done, but ok) and upgraded to Viki Pass Plus in February. However, right after the upgrade, when I tried to log in, I got the message "get vick pass" and my account didn't log in because of a session error. I canceled the update. After that, I finally could log in, but now it appears as Viki Pass Plus and says that my account expires in August 2019, being the subscription an annual one. Someone can help me understanding what's going on, because I'm really confused.

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    Hey andyesilva,

    I have emailed you to explain more about the charging there.

    In the mean time, to find out how you'll be charged when upgrading plans, you can also refer to this FAQ:
    How will I be charged after changing plans?


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