Viki on VRV and a Xbox One app

I want to be able to have a premium subscription of Viki on VRV one that I can link my already existing Viki account too. It's (VRV) an excellent platform for content and is continuously adding new features. With this, one could get a Viki premium membership and have access to all of VRV's content and all of the Viki library, or you could link your Viki account (if you already have premium) and still have that access. Also, it would be nice to have a Viki app for the Xbox One. I enjoy Viki but, sometimes I want to watch it on my tv itself.  Unfortunately, I don't have a Chromestick or Firestick (because I don't need them with the Xbox One) so it would be nice to be able to watch Viki without having to go to the web browser on the Xbox One to watch it.



  • yes, movies play from Xbox One but not dramas or shows.  It just buffers and doesn't play.  Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

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  • I’m experiencing the same problem with streaming shows on my Xbox One. Below is the response I received from someone in the Microsoft User Community.  Of all the responses I’ve received for this problem this response is the only one that makes sense. Basically the Codecs installed on the Xbox One can only handle a limited number of formats. Unlike the Codecs installed on a PC which are more robust  Likewise with the Edge browser.  The only fix appears to be for Microsoft to update the codec s/w and firmware on the Xbox One so that it can handle more formats. As well as updating the Edge browser.  

    Well first you gotta look at the two differences 

    A xbox one edge only supports html5 or active x streaming as long as the codec is available to xbox

    So if you ask your publisher what standard they use for example flash then no

    If some videos are non standard codecs or not html 5 like how youtube isnt allhtml5 then you will have hits and no misses

    With windows pc efge you have flash and usually have rhe nessary codecs

    With anything that is non pc like consoles or mobile phones you will always have an issue because you dont know what format they are streaming in and not everyone uses the same codec or html5 remember html5 is still relatively new except for netflix or standard pages like youtube or fb you will always have issues wirh streaming websites because not all uploaders or sites use the same thin

    If you want a perfect t player your best bet ia pc or vlc for xbox one for local content

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  • I echo the sentiment of wanting a Viki app for Xbox One. Please please please!

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  • Definitely need an Xbox app please!! I’ve been playing for plus and can’t watch it on my big tv.

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  • I also want an Xbox one app!! It would be nice after playing video games just to Viki on my Xbox. It would be so much easier. I prefer viki app for my dramas than another app.

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