Better /Faster subtitlers and Better watchlist settings

I'm tired of waiting for subtitles. I miss dramafever so much because of this. Dramafever always had a schedule of when you can view the show and was subtitled before uploading. Viki, hate to break it to you, but Its definitely time to improve.. As a paid subscriber, I shouldn't have to wait days or even weeks for a show to be subtitled. It should already be done. I get that you want to use volunteer subtitlers but if thats the way you eant to go, make sure to give them a time limit of like 24hrs or something. This is just rediculous.

Oh and while were on the subject. Please make the watchlist similar to dramafevers. With dramafever you can view all the shows on your watchlist on a caraswlel on the home page. Viki doesn't even keep track of your watchlist and always reccomends shows you have already watched. You need to hire some od f the workers from dramafever because obviously there hasn't been much improvement in years.




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