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Wondering if there is a way to see ALL of my Watch History, not just from the last couple of weeks.  I'm trying to find a show I watched, but can't remember the name.  Tried to post in the community, but no one responded...

Show is a romance.  Man does soundtracks for movies or something similar.  In one of the last episodes, they were living together and then she went home and convinced her parents to let her stay with him until they marry.  They go for the parents meeting and his mom is critical of her mom for letting them live together before marriage, but he points out that his sister is pregnant and she's not married...


Sorry, not much to go on, but if I could get my watch history for the last 3 months, I could find it...





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    Hey lynnjohns72_873,

    This description is unfortunately a little too vague for me to guess the show.

    But I can compile a list of the shows you watched back from November to January (for safe measure), which might help you identify what show it is.

    I'll be emailing you this compiled list in a while :)


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