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    Hello tjjinx2013_536,

    Regarding your complaints:

    1. Youtube gets the previews of whats happened on the drama before it is released to me.
      Previews for the next episode are in general, are released with the previous episode. For example, the preview for Ep 13 will be aired at the end of Ep 12.
      Previews are sneak peeks of what is about to come. Just because the preview for an episode has been released, it does not mean that the episode itself is out. 
    2. I am also imtitled to eng subtitles when is appeares on that day. i understand how hard it can be to translate from one language to another but with all due respect , i am paying for a plus package not a standard.
      Viki Pass subscriptions does not guarantee subtitles. It is not one of the benefits listed in our subscriptions.
      For full plan benefits, you can refer here


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