[Solved] Most Annoying Support System Ever!

I am getting beyond annoyed. This is ridiculous. I am just trying to get the status of a support ticket I submitted about an accidental payment. First I get an email response in Spanish even though I wrote in English and said I was in Canada. I told them not to reply in Spanish and they replied in Korean.... Ok so I let it go for a day and tried again. This time the response is in Chinese. Seriously guys what the heck is wrong with your Support teams? Just because I am writing in the middle of the night does not mean I live in those Countries. For some this is when they have to get things done. I don't appreciate the assumption of where I an from based on the time of day I write. All I wanted to know is if I will be issued a refund or not.



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    Hey snaligirlyq_303,

    I'm really sorry that you've been getting responses in all varieties of languages.

    The responses you got were automated responses, that is sent in the language the system detects you to be writing in.

    From time to time, the system gets confused and detects the wrong language, causing you to get an automated response in a different language.

    I've just manually corrected the system so that they were send responses to you in English again, as well as responded to your ticket.

    Sorry for the inconvenience. If you have any other questions, please get back to me on the ticket.


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