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Can someone please English sub Ever Night. I was getting the English sub up to episode 20 and now it’s in Korean.  I also have it turned on to the English sub but not getting it. Please fix it for me. Thanking you kindly



  • The sub team is on Episode 23. This is a holiday weekend for many subtitlers. 

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  • Hey cabotine132_614,

    We don't actually translate or subtitle content ourselves; instead, our passionate volunteer community (people like you!) subtitle content on Viki. You can learn more about our volunteer community here.

    As Ep 21 of Ever Night had only just been released at that point, the subtitling process was still ongoing. Also, as choesook mentioned, the weekend was a holiday weekend for most of the community, so the subtitling process might have taken slightly longer than normal. Ep 21-24 of Ever Night are now almost completely subtitled in English.

    You can check a video if it has been completely subtitled by referring to the subtitle completion percentage at the bottom of the video thumbnail. Follow the channel to get mobile notifications from the Viki mobile app when subtitles are completed. For more details on how to do this, please refer to this FAQ.

    In addition, I looked up Ever Night and am only able to see English subtitles and the original Chinese hard subs on the video. If you're getting Korean subtitles, please take a screenshot of what you're seeing so that we can investigate what might be the issue.

    Wishing you a merry festive season :)

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