[Solved] Viki Pass Standard when I pay for access and can not watch becouse I am from Poland

Please explain how it is working? Why even if I pay for this access I can not watch movies and drama? Seriously this is very annoying becouse I think 80% videos are hold for Poland!But I pay as regular person!

Change it….. in the end you will lose a lot of subscriber. Onec I was buyer but then I just finished my sub. becouse I couldn't stand this situation. I was hopping that something change but I see- still not.



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    Hello linkaewe1666_558,

    Viki Pass Standard enables users to watch videos ad-free and in HD (when available). Additionally, it also offers access to some of our Exclusive Content, only available for Viki Pass Standard subscribers. Viki Pass does not remove regional restrictions for content.

    You can check which Viki Pass Standard exclusives you get access to on the Explore Page.

    Also, if the show you want to watch is not available in Poland, you can also request it by filling out our Title Request Form, which you can find here.

    We work really hard to license the shows that we get requests for but do know that as this is a difficult process it might not always be possible. To learn more about our licensing process, check out this blog post written by our CEO.



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