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    Regarding subtitles. I understand that it is volunteer work. So the following statements are suggestions for the Improvement of subtitles for dramas on Viki. The problem that I have is not just slow subtitles but extremely slow and unfinished subtitles. " Bloody Romance " is an example. How is it that there is no follow up or additional assistance given to teams that are having difficulties? The suburbs have lives like all of us and things can happen. So what is Viki doing to ensure that subtitles are completed? How is it the dramas like in Oriental Odyssey and others are translated so quickly? Why not ask members of excellent serving teams to assist those subbers/teams that are having difficulties? Why? Because it seems that extremely slow subtitiling results in unfinished/incomplete subbed dramas.
    If you are not a Viki representative can you please forward this suggestion?

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    Please excuse the word changes in the above comments- not suburbs but subbers and others.

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    Even if you are TRUE Fan of Kdramas, you still need subtitles. Maybe they should pay for people to do the subtitles. I am trying to watch Cleaning with passion and there are whole scenes missing. I do pay every month.  I think Viki needs to pay the people that do it so we can continue watching the great Kdramas here. I am a TRUE FAN but I still need to know what is happening.

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    There is one, in several languages already, but one must be willing to find, read and even want to know about it.

    There are many Viki customers, who are going strongly against the volunteer thought at all. They only say, they are paying Viki, so Viki should be paying the subbers. But their only interest is their own language. One could calculate and do the math for more than 1 drama, 10, 20 and more than 1 subber in every language ...

    Then Viki would need to say, dear customer pay more, as we have higher costs.

    There are too many "me firsts" in this world.

    Oh, here is the link by the way. As you really need to look thoroughly to find it.

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