[Solved] Ask for refound for having charged with no remind

So, can you can explain this?

I have made a signature of viki pass a year ago. I did not receive a "reminder" at the end of the subscription period stating that I would be charged if i did not cancel the subscription.

The explanation for my request, is that I had not requested cancellation during the 7-day trial, but my signature was made a year ago and it was just renewing that signature. How could it be?

In my country, the law prohibits any company from doing this type of "automatic renewal of annual subscription", as the customer may forget during a year period and ends up having financial loss because of this.

But, I imagine viki do not care about the laws of my country.

I'm feeling disrespected and I do not have anyone to ask for help..I hope it does not happen to anyone else.




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    Hey babs21,

    I'm sorry you feel this way.

    I've just contacted you via email with regards to this matter.


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