[Solved] HELP! Kristie and the Boffins, we're having some major thing here - Missing eps, missing subs, completed work everywhere suddenly???

Something really jacked this morning.  Yanxi Palace when I left last night 1:30 am had 8 fully subbed eps.  2, 7, 8 only are now there and show ZEROES and also act like the VIDEO JUST ARRIVED.  Locked, the segmenting notice up, all of it.  YET THE SUBS ARE THERE and this is weird.  ep 65 weird counter of 28 days shows?

Oriental Odyssey same weird tale. :(

Someone posted to Discussions - they have it too.  

HELP!  (and I can't edit what isn't HERE for some reason...and I had a date with Yanxi 6, 7, 8 this morning???)



  • I noticed the same exact thing! I was watching Oriental Odyssey Episode 14 last night until about 11 PM with full eng subs on all released episodes (Thank you Tang Yamen Team btw!!) but now this morning ALL eng subs have disappeared on ALL videos


    Also when trying to find the episode on my viki app, all have disappeared except for episode 16 and the trailer and opening song videos. Halp! Please&thankyous! 



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  • The same problem occurs on several shows/episodes.  It seems that VIKI is having server issues, but no one is responding to customers right now so who knows.

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  • Hi everyone,

    Sorry for the issues you were experiencing.

    We were experiencing server issues that led to the problems you experienced. The engineers have since resolved this issues and things should be back to normal now.

    If anyone's still experiencing problems, please let me know so that we can investigate.


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