[Solved] Projects, Contributions, Manage keys, all missing. Can get into one of my projects but will it save etc?

Kristie and friendly people...something is seriously not happy - 

No subtitles show up on Ashes of Love on the Roku (I tried that as I knew it had subs for sure and nothing came up)

Oriental Odyssey I can get in and it has subs if you play the video on pc...but Roku won't show them and it was fine earlier with Ruyi edit I was doing on the same Roku 3.  

Manage keys are missing.  So...basically...I think I should let it go for tonight?


Hope things are better in the morning.  10 pm Denver time.  MST.  Colorado, USA.






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    Hi deadliftdiva_548,

    Sorry about all the subtitles, projects and contributions disappearing. We experienced an issue a while ago that caused them to disappear.

    The engineers have since fixed the issue and you should be able to see them again.

    If you continue to experience problems seeing subtitles, please let me know.


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  • Cool.  Couldn't sleep, so I logged on.  Things may be back to normal. :)


    virtual KKD for all you guys as usual. :)  (krispy kreme donuts) 

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