[Solved] Subtitle completely stopped working both for the Roku and PC

Country: Hong Kong

Show: Triumph in the Skies II


The show's subtitle is at 100% however, when we got to Episode 15 the English Subtitles stopped working. We went to check the previous episodes we watched (When we watched, it had subtitles) the subs no longer work.


We went to check other shows for subtitles and the Korean and Chinese subtitles work. I also checked other Hong Kong shows (Shows that are showing 100% subbed) they're also not showing english subtitles.


I'm not sure how to fix it, please help.



Thank you





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    Hey civic_type_r_03_32

    Sorry about the subtitles suddenly disappearing. We experienced an issue a while ago that caused them to disappear.

    The engineers have since fixed the issue and you should be able to see them again.

    If you continue to experience problems seeing subtitles, please let me know.


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  • it works again. Thank you!

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