[On Hold] Problem with sound on roku

 Hi , Is anyone having problem with the sound while watching viki series on roku, there's a distortion in the sound , it's driving me crazy ! I sent a message about it to viki a while ago and no one answered :(



  • I've also noticed distortion in the audio; it is especially noticeable during scenes with wind, road, and other forms of random noise. This distortion is also present during scenes with dialogue. It seems like the noise floor is higher than it used to be. Scenes that are supposed to be pure silence have random distorted noise.

    There may have been a recent change in the video/audio compression used for streaming to Roku devices. I don't hear any distortion in the audio when I use Viki on the web with my PC.

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  • Hi melissa_desforge_672 & aznfin,

    After checking, it appears that our audio streams might not be compatible with all Roku audio systems, which might have caused the audio distortions you are hearing.

    As this is a knotty problem, it will require quite some time before the team will be able to resolve this.

    Sorry for the inconvenience. We ask for your patience and kind understanding in the mean time.


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  • Hello Kristie,

    Thanks for looking into the issue. I appreciate the update. I look forward to the resolution of this issue.

    Although I know it may not be possible for you to track the status of the issue resolution in great detail, I would appreciate it if you could continue to follow up with updates.

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