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Hello, you closed this post for comments & even added "Solved" to it when it didn't even solve my problem. Do you guys do this when you don't get a reply within a few days?:

Anyway, my problem isn't trying to watch D-Day again. I wanted to mention that the shows that previously WERE available are becoming unavailable. Does this happen randomly & often? Because if any available show can become unavailable suddenly, I would not be able to watch it if it happens when I'm in the middle of watching it. Is there any time limit to any show?




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    Hi labeebmishra_943,

    We close posts for comments when no one respond to them after a week.

    When shows that were available become available, this is because the show license has expired. As we only license shows for a limited period, this occurs for all shows at some time or another.

    When a show is expiring, the team will try to renew the license of the show, however this is not always possible, and inevitably, once the show license expires, it will no longer be available. To learn more about our licensing process, check out this blog post written by our CEO.

    We are definitely looking into adding notices to warn users of dramas whose licenses are expiring soon and hope to build this feature soon.

    Another user has already made a feature request for it Expiring licenses notification and it'd be great if you can help upvote this idea as it will help the team prioritize build the features for which users would like to have the most.



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