Miscommunication: Suggestion for Comment Section on Viki App on Phone


I have noticed  that when I use Viki's app on my phone I am unable to see people's replies and I am unable to see people's replies to other comments. And I think this is probably the same for everyone else. It is not a glitch with the app but I think the app has not yet been developed to see and receive other people's replies. If you use viki on the computer you are able to see people's replies. However I think there are still a lot of people who do use the viki app on their phone. 

I have noticed that there has been miscommunications happening in the comment section because some are unable to see the replies of other comments and are unable to see that someone has informed them or answered their question.

Especially with the situations where people are continuously and repeatedly complaining about subs. Many try to inform them about how subtitles work on viki but because some are  unable to see the replies they do not get that information, unless someone post the comment separately. However because they don't get the information they continue to be uninformed and continue to complain about the subs in the comment section.

So I am making an suggestion for the app on the phone to make it  that users can see replies to them and see replies to others in the comment section. Also a further suggestion is that when they  do get a message that  they are  able to receive a notification so that they know they do have a message.

This might hopefully help a little bit in the reduction of comments complaining about subs. I know that some just choose not to read information provided to them but just to help a little bit in the miscommunication.

I do not know how to give this suggestion to Viki but I just thought I will just post it here.


Thank You



  • Excellent suggestion! I hope Viki implements it. 

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  • Hmm I would like to know this too, It would be really great to be able to comment fro the viki phone app too.

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  • I agree it would be awesome to see and use the reply function within the app as well, yet the comment section uses "Disqus" which is not developed by viki, but only used like a plug in. So this feature request would have to be send to Disqus, I guess.

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  • Just an update on the  Viki app in relation to seeing replies. I am happy to inform you that you can now see replies on the app which is awesome. I don't know when this update happened, I don't know if it was recent or if it happened a few months back or what but either way  I am happy for the update to the app.

    However, the thing is you can't directly reply someone on the app. So basically you can see other people's replies, but you can't click a specific comment to directly reply the comment. Anyway it is a step at a time. Hopefully we will able to reply directly to a comment soon on the viki app. :)

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