[Solved] Reporting massive spoilers on Ruyi's Royal Love

I am on Ep 69. I've invested a lot of time watching this drama. Apart from some smaller spoilers the timed comments have been really fun, appropriate and insightful. Now someone just told everyone 2 massive things that will happen, which also makes you know a lot of other things too - that you didn't WANT to know. Is there anything that can be done about these people? It's so unfair. Also insulting to the subtitles team who are working VERY hard on this drama. 

These are not "guesses" these are flat out going, haha I'm going to tell you the biggest secrets so it will totally be ruined for everyone who watches timed comments. So anyone who ever watches this drama ever will find out at this point these huge secrets. Or is there some way to report them and have them removed?

Thank you. 



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    Hey me_97, 

    Thanks for the heads-up! I sent you a reply via email. 

    Let me know if you didn't receive it. 

    Many thanks,

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  • I mean, they didn't actually write haha but that is in essence what they are doing. I am not the only one who was unhappy about it. Do we have any recourse of what we can do? Apart from don't watch timed comments which will spoil things in another way. 

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