[Solved] Trying to get an answer for a specific show and discussion disappearing.

I’ve sent an email and left a few discussions but only one discussion was showing. Most of them disappear. I’m currently watching Ashes to Love. However, I notice they aren’t matching the episodes that are shown on the official YouTube channel from the company that created the tv show.  Some scenes and episodes are showing up much earlier that they should. So I’m wondering if you guys are deleting or if the company gave you guys a different episodes. There are 63 episodes all together. But base on what is going on with the show it seems to be there will be less episodes on your site.  So I need to know if you or if the company deleting scenes. So I can make sure if I need to go to the offices YouTube channel that created the show and watch the episodes where it starts not matching. I just don’t want to miss anything important. 



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    Hi sweetone321anime_928,

    Some shows may have multiple versions, such as an international version and local broadcast version.

    These different versions show the same content, but can sometimes be cut differently, with scenes rearranged to accommodate for advertisement breaks and to allow the episode to end at a convenient pause or a dreaded cliffhanger! Since we don't insert advertisement breaks (not for our beloved Viki Pass members), we upload videos as we receive them from the production companies.

    The version of Ashes of Love we have is the international version, which has 60 episodes. Please be assured that the scenes are all intact and you won't be missing anything important on Viki :)



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