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Should have a better volunteer filter. There are volunteers there who have done subtitles for over 2 years. It is very difficult to find volunteers who are currently doing subtitles. They should have a taxpayer area, for example:

- I just did a caption.
- On the volunteer's page, my name, my caption, the name of the drama and a form of contact will appear.
- And also, to which language we have just translated.
- And also a note to see if he / she does or not part of the team.
- And also a way to denounce the translator.
   Because with this form of denunciation, we can see the smarties who are translating in the wrong way, without a good spelling or just translating with letters, numbers or taking advantage of things. I see many projects here in viki, giving totally translated, when in the truth they were victims of frauds in the legends. That's a cumulative thing.

And of course, it could have a filter.

This would not only help moderators find volunteers for their projects, it would also help a lot of subtitle quality, giving us the opportunity to visualize - ourselves, serious volunteers. - whether the dramas are being translated fairly.




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