[Solved] Post on Ashes of Love cover page in comments uses profanity and you tube suggestion...?

this is the post:

clotha4_390  an hour ago

guys till up to ep 43 is available with English sub in YouTube...go enjoy but I guarantee the story is fucking messed up and a very sad ending. I suppose thus days most of the Chinese drama has a good start and then sad ending.


Question:  this person lacks a Viki account to flag - and Disqus does not care about the commetns on cover possibly as much as Viki does - is there a way or a person to direct this sort of cleanup request to? :)  This is an on air - anyway - let me know please. :)

Would be nice to have that one gone at least. :)  Happened to see it when I was pulling up the manage function.  (scrolled too fast had JUST kicked in :) )

Thank you :)




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    Hey @deadliftdiva_548,

    Thanks for sharing this with us. We have taken action and the comment is no longer there. 

    To report comment violations faster, simply flag it via Disqus and the content will reach our moderator who regularly takes action on flagged content on Viki. 

    You can find the steps for reporting comments here. I hope this helps! 

    Many thanks,

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