[Solved] Purge in taiwanese dramas !

Hello, I'm a client of Viki pass since 5 years and being a fan of taiwanese dramas.

I can just notice that Viki lost so many licenses in tw-dramas in the past years. I have been very patient but these tw-dramas are not coming back.

There is only 64 tw-dramas but 351 kdramas !

Viki doesn't seem to care about its customers but just about what is most popular.

Tw dramas no more available that I can remember:

  1. The Pursuit of Happiness
  2. Mr. Right Wanted
  3. Summer's Desire
  4. The Way We Were (2014)
  5. Two Fathers
  6. A Good Wife
  7. My Queen
  8. Zhong Wu Yan
  9. Tie the Knot
  10. Down With Love
  11. Rock ‘n’ Road
  12. Princess' Stand In
  13. What Is Love
  14. In Between
  15. Material Queen
  16. In a Good Way
  17. Skip Beat
  18. Easy Fortune Happy Life
  19. Apple in Your Eye
  20. Ex-Boyfriend
  21. In Time With You
  22. To Get Her
  23. Love Keeps Going
  24. Smiling Pasta

And there is probably more.

I'm considering not renewing my viki pass.

Can I have a clear answer from Viki ? Is Viki droping tw-dramas fans ?

Thank you



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    Hi sasa_ssa,

    I'm sorry that many of the Taiwanese shows you had watched on Viki are no longer available.

    As we are only able to license content for a limited period of time, the license inadvertently expires after a while, causing it to no longer be available.

    We are definitely still actively licensing Taiwanese dramas. In fact, we've recently obtained the following Taiwanese dramas on Viki:

    And the team is working on obtaining even more titles to come.

    If there are other Taiwanese shows that you wish to see on Viki, do let us know by filling up our content request form here. This will help inform our team about the shows you're interested in watching and they will do their best to obtain these shows for you to watch.

    We work really hard to license the shows that we get requests for but do know that as this is a difficult process it might not always be possible. To learn more about our licensing process, check out this blog post written by our CEO. 


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