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First of all I need to commend VIKI for providing high-quality and newer releases of Chinese dramas!  I also have a subscription with Dramafever and even though I have a high-speed internet provider (up to 150 mb per second) their website is sluggish and the video pixelates!  So you guys totally rock!  They also do not add a lot of Mandarin Chinese series.  My suggestion, and don't take it to heart as a criticism,  for those of use trying to improve our bi-lingual skills, it would be helpful if you could offer Dual-Subtitles, ie.. English and Mandarin Chinese to help us to learn Hanzi character recognition as well as those who are learning Korean..  That would be so awesome!

Thank you for letting me waste your time! 🙂



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    Hi neigong_dragon,

    We're delighted to hear you're enjoying watching Chinese dramas on Viki.

    We currently have dual language subtitles for select Chinese, Korean and Japanese titles.

    You can learn more about how to use this feature - it's called Learn Mode - on this FAQ:
    How to use Learn Mode?

    Hope this helps and happy learning! :)


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  • Seconded. Learn mode is great, but there are very few shows with completed subtitles for the entire series - I made a collection and found only 9. I feel you should be able to get subtitles from the original producers of the shows - no translation even required. Please invest in this!

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  • @swellguy

    Is this collection not correct, since has more than 9 channels in it? Or is there a regional restriction that won't let you see them all?


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  • @lutra Yes, most of the items in that collection are either region locked (though to be honest I believe that it’s likely the shows are not available in any region and the show page just still exists) or only have subtitles available for the first few episodes. I made a collection with all shows I was able to find that have all episodes available for learn mode in case anyone finds it useful. The count is actually 10 now since Addicted came back.


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  • I would strongly support dual language subtitles. Our household has native Japanese and English speakers. When watching k-dramas together, we need to set up two laptops side-by-side displaying different language subtitles and then try and synchronise the shows so that they're running at exactly the same time.

    I've seen the Learn mode, which is great for Korean + one language (for k-dramas). All we're asking is for the same display functionality but with a choice of the 2 languages displayed.

    Many thanks

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