[Solved] Please bring back Thirty But Seventeen

Like many others, I was really dissapointed finding out that I was not able to watch Thirty But Seventeen more. It worked yesterday in my region, today access is restricted.

This is the first time something like this happens to me. I don't know if that kind of things happen usually at Viki. Anyhow, I would like to request that no shows would be aired only partly. If licence is going to expire during the show, please do not air at all.

Also, I would really like Viki to fix the problem and bring Thirty But Seventeen back in all regions it first started.



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    Hey fairyteller,

    Thanks so much for your kind understanding.

    The issues with Thirty But Seventeen have been resolved. The show is back up available again in your region.

    Enjoy watching! :)

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  • Hi fairyteller,

    Due to licensing changes, Thirty But Seventeen is no longer available in certain regions.

    We're really sorry for the disruption in your watching experience.

    We certainly hope to bring the show back to you as soon as possible and the team is doing their best to obtain the show again.

    As show licensing is a complicated process, it can be beyond our control. You can learn more about how shows are licensed in this blog post written by our CEO:


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  • Hi Kristie! Thanks for your message!

    It's great that you got the licence renewed! However it still says restricted in my area?

    Kind regards,


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