[Solved] Thirty but Seventeen

I was able to watch this drama in the UK on 12th August, but today it says it is restricted now? Why has this happened? I was clearly able to watch it, and it is in my watch history but now I cannot!



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    Hi tiramisugoomba & unhelpful,

    Thanks so much for your kind understanding.

    The issues with Thirty But Seventeen have been resolved. The show is back up available again in your regions.

    Enjoy watching! :)

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  • Gone in Finland too, and more information about why it's gone and whether there's any chance of it coming back would be really good.

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  • Hi tiramisugoomba & unhelpful,

    Due to licensing changes, Thirty But Seventeen is no longer available in certain regions.

    We're really sorry for the disruption in your watching experience.

    We certainly hope to bring the show back to you as soon as possible and the team is doing their best to obtain the show again.

    As show licensing is a complicated process, it can be beyond our control. You can learn more about how shows are licensed in this blog post written by our CEO:


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