[Solved] SUB EDITOR will NOT SAVE THE SUBS! red "error message" and retry -

I just tried Investiture of the Gods, ep 8 - and Perfect Couple, Ep 21.  no love.  my subber was in Investiture 8 and said it had been not working at all.  It appears to be more than Investiture.  And more than my usual stellar luck in finding bugs. :)


Thank you, Kristie, I know you and the boffins shall figure it out. :)  Goodnight!



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    Morning deadliftdiva_548,

    Subtitles are saving again.

    Have a good day ahead :)

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  • Hi deadliftdiva_548,

    Thanks for dropping us a post!

    I've informed the team and they're looking into it.

    Will update you once it's fixed.

    Goodnight and sweet dreams :)

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  • Thank you, Kristie and the Boffins :)  (seriously, this is a great band name? :) )

    Enclosed please find a couple of dozen variety of Krispy Kreme Donuts with coffees and teas of your virtual choosing. :)

    Xie Xie. :)

    <i>GeNie of the Lamp</i>  The Elemental of Editing

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