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    Hey scifiqueenbre51_516, 

    Thanks so much for your honest feedback! 

    Sorry about your experience when checking out reviews on Viki. :( 

    Reviews help anyone who's deciding what to watch. When reviews are not serving this purpose, we understand that they can be frustrating. And so, yes you're right! It's not fair for a show (or movie) to be rated very low just because of the subtitles alone especially since we have a community of subtitle volunteers working hard on them. We do mention this on our Review policy.

    Please know that we're aware that such reviews exist and we're trying our very best to moderate and remove them. We also have volunteers and users report them, which we appreciate as we're doing all we can with the available resources we have as a team.

    If you find such reviews, we would be very appreciative if you could help flag them. Flagged reviews will go to us directly, which goes to a queue of violations that we moderate regularly. Flagging steps can be found on our reviews policy page. Or, you can simply send us a message, which our moderator would quickly attend to. 

    If you have any other feedback or suggestions that you believe would work for our fellow Vikians, we'd be more than happy to hear them! 

    Many thanks,

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