[Solved] Viki Cancel my Viki Pass Plus after 4 months

I am so up sad and frustrated. 

Early 2018 after left VIKI for a while, I came back and start my subscription again. I purchased one year of VIKI PASS STANDARD, after that, I found out almost haft of the dramas on VK are KOROWA. So I upgraded my membership to the VK PASS PLUS on 03/2018. VIKI charge my credit card for one year, meaning the membership will be good at least to next year 03/2019. Now 07/2018 only 4 months later, I don't have the VK PASS PLUS anymore. I log in to VK and it shows that I cancel the membership, which I never did. Even I did, my membership will still be good until next year, right? because I've paid for the whole year. 

Now I only have the standard, I am so frustrated. There no direct phone number to call. I Have to go through the email red tape and like usual no one seems to know what's going on. I have attached the statement from the bank showing the charge of $70.84 (because I have credit left over from my standard pass) to them. Hopefully, they figured it out what's going on. I hope they don't charge me that much for 4 months.

I just wonder how VIKI can run a business like this in the US? I am thinking of reporting them to the Better Business Bureau. 



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    Hello jamesfer,

    I'm sorry for the frustration you're experiencing. 

    I've just emailed you with steps that will help you resolve the issue.

    Also, this is a common troubleshooting step you can try when you don’t see Viki Pass benefits after purchasing Viki Pass:
    Purchased Viki Pass but can't see benefits


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