[Solved] Old posts in Team Discussion showing up, and awaiting moderation

In Team Discussions, one can usually find the English team's communication and the Spanish team's communication. Typically the Spanish mod, upon release of the episode, will make a thread, to which every interested subber should reply asking for a specific part to translate. So far so good. If one is not interested, it's easy to minimize the starting post to collapse everything. 

Only that lately this doesn't work that well!

Firstly, the starting post is shown as "Awaiting moderation". Why? And secondly, old posts from two weeks ago and more are shown at the very top, although "Sort by newest" is selected. 

See the order of posts in a recent Team Discussion (Secretary Kim) Please note that the ones awaiting moderation were old, and even the latest reply was from the day the first post was written, two weeks ago. (And of course we know that a new reply cannot bring the original post up anyway)

And yet those old posts come BEFORE our recent posts from 8 or 3 hours ago. See here:

dannyelita32_368 • 16 days ago
dannyelita32_368 • 15 days ago
dannyelita32_368 • 8 days ago
dannyelita32_368 • 2 days ago
pilar_velasquez • 3 hours ago
irmar • 8 hours ago
dannyelita32_368 • a month ago
dannyelita32_368 • a month ago
pilar_velasquez • a day ago
cgwm808 • a day ago
irmar • a day ago
pilar_velasquez • 2 days ago
pilar_velasquez • 2 days ago

Someone very knowledgeable (user @piranna) says it's these posts ring a red bell for Disqus because have too many lines. If so, how many lines is the maximum? 

The Spanish mod's post from16 days ago had 37 lines of which 12 are the subbers' names for each part, and another 20 were spent to remind the subbers of her Subbing Guidelines, formality levels, link to the episode etc: I'm not including the full text of the message because I know it's against the rules to quote another person's message. 

The "too many lines", if it is true, would explain the "awaiting moderation" stuff, but not why they are high up, clogging the discussion.

And this is not the only project where I've seen this happen. 

What is a solution?

 @Kristie, @camille , @Mariliam



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    Hey Irmar, I've sent you an email requesting for some information. :)

    For those who want to know why Disqus shows the message "Awaiting moderation", please know that this means that Disqus has sent the comment to a moderator for pre-moderation. 

    Why does that happen? 

    It could have been detected by Disqus' system as a violation or by the parameters we have set according to our community/moderation guidelines. 

    If it's the former, here are some reasons that Disqus sets comments for pre-moderation: 

    Reasons a comment may be pre-moderated include, but are not limited to:

    • Contains a link
    • Contains a media attachment, e.g., image or video
    • User has not verified their email
    • The current discussion thread is set to pre-moderation

    More here

    If your comment has been hidden for pre-moderation for too long and you believe it doesn't violate our community guidelines, please send us a message with the hidden comment's unique Disqus link with us.

    To get the unique link, 
    1. click "Show comment" beside the message "The comment is awaiting moderation" 
    2. follow the steps here 

    Please know that we regularly moderate comments so we will eventually get to all the hidden ones. :) 

    Thank you!

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  • I responded in "My activities". 

    Most of these posts were deleted. I don't know why, since they didn't violate any rules... And some are still in their places, marked "deleted" and not showing any text, but with all the answers intact . Up as first, although from a month ago...

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  • Replied to your ticket, irmar! Thanks! :) 

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