[Solved] Viki on Roku problems again

Please help. All of a suuden Viki on Roku stopped reconising my pass plus membership. I tried logging out and back in but that didn't help. It also doesn't show my followed dramas.




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    Hi victoria63645_984,

    I've gotten back to your help ticket.

    If you have any questions, please let me know.

    In the mean time, this is a common troubleshooting step you can try when you don’t see Viki Pass benefits after purchasing Viki Pass:
    Purchased Viki Pass but can't see benefits


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  • Now I'm getting the 401 error.

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  • I am so annoyed with Viki on Roku. A couple of days ago it just stopped reconising my pass plus subscription. It won't show my followed shows. I uploaded Viki bets and the same thing there.  have been trying to figure out how to fix the problem myself but nothing works. Tried logging out and back in and that didn't work. Actually for awhile it wouldn't even let me log back in. I'm logged in now but same problems. 





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