[Solved] Project Contribution Updates

 Going down the list of my project contributions, some of them are not showing correctly.




The Eternal Love ... should show completed

iPartment Season 3 ... should show completed

Ode to Joy ... should show completed

God of War, Zhao Yun ... should show 6 episodes completed 


This may be not important but for an interested prospective Channel Manager, it could show either I do not complete projects or I have too many projects to handle.

I normally don't take on more projects than I can reasonably handle. I feel that is a personal choice. With all dramas now being licensed projects, one can sign up and the drama may or not be licensed in the future. Therefore being limited to 4 On Air dramas might also have to change. There's no way of knowing with the current communications between the Viki Community Staff and the volunteers below Channel Manager level.

So any assistance you can provide in this area would be helpful.







  • Hello Choesook,

    Could you explain what you mean by shows should show completed?

    We currently only indicate the role you have in each Channel, the number of subtitles and segments you contributed, as well as the episode you last worked on.

    It'd be very helpful if you could attach a screenshot indicating what the problem is.


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  • The Eternal Love
    24 episodes ... completed on August 16th,2017
    Error: Only shows Episodes 2 and 3

    God of War 

    2016...I only did 6 episodes before dropping the project. My personal notes didn't start until after I dropped this project, so I don't have any documentation.

    iPartment Season 3

    24 episodes ... completed June 2017 

    Error: Only shows Episodes 13 and 14


    Ode to Joy

    42 episodes

    Completed every other episode to the end of the drama prior to my notes starting in September 2016.

    Error: Only shows Episodes 23 and 24


    I hope this helps.







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  • Hi Mary,

    The episode thumbnails in Project Contributions do not indicate all the episodes you've worked on.

    They only indicate the last episode in that channel which you last made contributions to, which in the case of the shows indicated:

    • Ep 2 in The Eternal Love
    • Ep 2 in God of War
    • Ep 13 in iPartment Season 3
    • Ep 23 in Ode to Joy

    This is to make it easier for you to continue where you last left off. Or if you're done with that episode in particular, it also shows you the next episode so you can begin on the next episode.

    Hope this helps to clarify.


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  • Dear Kristie,

    I write everything down.

    I'm only missing 2016 notes because on a 90 degree day, I did not want to dig in my closet to find one box.

    I understand what it is supposed to do, I'm saying it didn't register my contributions correctly.

    If it can't be fixed, fine. I can accept the errors because I have to.

    But if you can fix it, then please do.

    Best, Mary

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  • Hi Mary,

    It seems like you are still misunderstanding what the episodes in the Project Contributions actually indicate.

    To elaborate:

    • Example 1
      User A works on a show from Ep 1 all the way to Ep 15. Given that the last episode User A makes to is Ep 15. On Project Contributions, the episodes shown will be Ep 15 and Ep 16.
      User B joins the show in the middle, and only works on Ep 15, without having worked on Ep 1-14. On Project Contributions, the episodes shown in his Project Contributions will also be Ep 15 and 16.
    • Example 2
      User C & D have worked together on a show from Ep 1 to Ep 17. However, after both finish working on Ep 17, User C discovers a mistake back in Ep 2 and returns to Ep 2 to correct it. Since the last episode User C worked on was Ep 2, on his Project Contributions, the episodes displayed will be Ep 2 and Ep 3. Whereas since the last episode User D worked on was Ep 17, the episodes appearing on his Project Contributions will be Ep 17 and 18.

    I hope these examples do help to explain what is going on.

    Also, if you'd like to verify if this is true, what I can suggest is for you to go to these shows, go to another episode than the episode indicated above and you will see that the episodes shown will have changed. (ex. If you make changes to Ep 12 of Eternal Love now, you should see Ep 12 and 13 on Eternal Love instead)



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  • Thank you Kristie,

    That does indeed explain it better.

    Thank you for your patience and diligence.



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