[Solved] master in the house

i don't know how to get to page in english but here is my problem. on mondays i really look forward to watching new episode of master in the house. i am able to watch on my laptop but when i try to watch on roku it kicks me out of the viki site. this has happend several times. i do not have this issue with any of the other new episodes. thank you for your time.anne




  • Hey anniernc4_yahoo_com,

    Sorry about this!

    We are working on a new Roku app that should solve the issues you're experiencing.

    In the mean time, what I can suggest is for you to watch on the Viki website or our other Viki apps.

    Also, we will have a beta Roku app available soon for users to test. Would you be interested in testing the app to see if it helps with the problem you're experiencing?

    If so, please respond to the email I sent to you so that I can contact you once we have the beta Roku app available.


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  • Hello anniernc4_yahoo_com,

    Thank you for your patience and understanding while we worked hard on the Roku Beta app.

    We've built this app from scratch to fundamentally address the issues that were affecting our old Roku app, and, most importantly, provide you with the best user experience.

    The new Roku Beta app is now available. To learn how to download and install the app, click here.

    Feel free to let us know about your experience and any feedback you might have regarding the Beta app.


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