[Solved] I am unable to pair my Samsung with the website.

The website errors out. I note that others have had this problem as well. Can you please advise when this site will be functional.



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    Hey blackcatz9,

    As of 1st May 2018, we've ceased support for the Viki Samsung Smart TV app, hence page was taken down as well.

    Viki ceasing support for Samsung Smart TV

    We can recommend you other options to watch Viki from your TV, such as Chromecast, Fire TV, or using a HDMI cable. For more information, you can refer to for a list of TVs and devices that we do provide full support to.

    We are continually looking to broaden the Viki experience and provide more platforms for our viewers to view Viki on. Thus, while it is in our plan to build newer versions of the Viki app for more connected TV devices (including Samsung TV) in the future, we're unable to provide a timeline for now, so please stay tuned to our Twitter feed and blog for the latest Viki updates and future releases! 


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  • I was able to sign on via my Amazon Prime Fire Stick. I had had the same issue with their App on my smart tv due to the television being over 5 years old so I had to purchase the fire stick.... Don't know if this is a VIKI issue or not. 

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