[Solved] Come and Hug Me Error Message

I have been trying to watch Come & Hug Me for about a week now on my Roku. Every time I try to start the show I get server error #401: please restart channel or try again later. I have unplugged my roku from the power outlet/internet & rebooted multiple times, logged in & out of the Viki app several times as well but nothing helps. I am able to open & stream other shows on the site just not this one for some reason. Is this an issue on Viki's side that they need to fix with this show? Thanks...



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    Hey pdm30316_65,

    I have created a help ticket for you, and we can follow-up with this there.

    In the mean time, please note that Error #401 on Roku is a common error message that occurs when you try to watch Viki Pass Plus exclusive videos without a Viki Pass Plus subscription:
    Error 401 on Roku


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