[Solved] Why can't I login to kocowa using my viki pass account information?

I was told I could use the kocowa app or website with my viki plus account, but kocowa doesn't see my viki login information. How do I get limited/early (or any) access to kocowa videos using my viki account?

Do I actually get to use Kocowa without paying extra if I have a viki plus account or are they different services?

Please help. My username is pixelgirl_790




  • "I was told I could use the kocowa app or website with my viki plus account". Really? That's news to me. Where did you read that? Do you have a link? At least here on Viki there is no such info. 

    Here is the relative article.

    It simply says: 
    Kocowa is a streaming service, launched by a partnership of KBS, SBS, and MBC, the three major TV networks in South Korea. A Viki Pass Plus subscription includes the best of both worlds; all the benefits of a Viki Pass Standard PLUS over 14,000 hours of additional Korean content to create your best Viki binge list.

    "Additional Korean content" means the Kocowa shows available here on viki. 

    And of course there's this other article:

    Viki Pass Plus is available on Web, Android, iOS, Chromecast, Roku, Android TV & Fire TV. Apple TV will be added soon.

    As you see, no mention of Kocowa. 



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  • Ah, so I can't actually get any additional shows like "Suits" on kocowa? You're saying that if I don't see them ON VIKI, I have no access to them?

    Thank you for clarifying!

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