[Solved] Subtitles for Tempted Ep. 26 stop at 4 minutes

English subtitling of Tempted Ep. 26 is marked as 100% complete. During minute four, the subtitles stop appearing while watching on my Roku. I fast-forwarded, and the subtitles do not show up again. Is there a problem with the subtitles?



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    Hi julie_847,

    Thanks for reporting the issue with subtitles on Ep 26 of Tempted!

    We've just fixed the subtitles for that episode and you should now be able to see them on Roku again.

    You can also re-download the Viki Channel on your Roku device by following the instructions in this FAQ:
    How to install the Viki app on Roku? 


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  • Thank you! I have Viki back on my Roku now - and thanks for fixing the subtitles.

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  • I tried watching the fourth minute of Tempted Ep. 26 on my iPhone with the Viki app, and the subtitles are there. There must be an issue with my Roku player.

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  • I wanted to troubleshoot by removing the Viki channel from my Roku Home list and  then adding it back again. When I went to add the Viki channel back again, it wasn’t in the streaming channels list. The Viki channel is gone from Roku’s list of channels now! I can’t get it back. Did you remove your Viki channel from Roku completely? What to do? I’m addicted to k-drama and now I can’t watch on my TV anymore. Ugh!

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