[Solved] 4-5 SECOND Site LAG! Big problem just moving around here right now?

I logged in about an hour ago - and every move I make - open my PM box, open one PM, move to anything is 4 to 5 seconds of blank white screen.  Playing a video for any reason is lagging this much too.


Getting around in a project is also lagging - seg timer was "jerking" when I tried it.  Hoping that settles down VERY quickly.  


I am a bit hesitant about what to really try to do if this is on the verge of a crash? :(  Any advice from Kristie and the Boffins here on this one?



  • Hi deadliftdiva_548,

    I've emailed you for more information about the lag you're experiencing.

    Please follow-up there.


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  • None of the things you sent me have worked, I have sent you the information on my browser etc.

    The lag is ONLY at and nowhere else, by the way.  My 40 mbps net speed is working just fine generally everywhere else.  Here it's like a flashback to dialup.  

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