[Solved] 100% English but no subs

Hi there, I noticed on "Happy Noodle" most of the episodes have 100% English subtitles but when played the subtitles are very lacking.  It's not just one or two sentences missing but over half the episode at times. i understand that volunteers sub the videos, i understand if they aren't completed but when it says its 100% or even 90 something percent, you kind of expect it to be mostly subbed. I haven't noticed any other drama's with this problem so I don't know if this is a technical issue or maybe they are not fully subbed? thought it wouldn't hurt to ask at least. i really like the drama so far but I've had to go to other sites to watch it (even though they are cutting a lot of the scenes out). I'd really like to be able to watch it on Viki. i thought it was maybe the mobile app but even when i'm using the web browser on my laptop it still isn't working :/ 



  • Before an episode can get subtitles it gets segmented. The percentage of subtitles is somehow calculated based on the segments. So if all segments have text in them it says 100%. Seems legit, but there is no guarantee every speech part was segmented properly. So the issue seems to be the lack of segments, as far as I can tell.

    The CM is (temporarly) inactive and the drama is about 4 years old... don't really think it will ever be fixed, since this is sth only the team working on it is resposible for.

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  • Thank you Kuraimegami... you answered my question... :)

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