[Solved] Sudden regional restriction

I have subscribed to Viki Pass Standard a while ago. Yesterday I started watching the K-drama "Falling for Innocence". I stopped watching around 22:00 or 22:30 local time (France)

This morning (10:00) it is suddenly no longer available in my region !

I understand that Viki has to buy the rights to these dramas and I suppose that these rights expire after a certain amount of time...

What I'm really angry about it that there was absolutely no warning ! Had I known the drama would no longer be available the next day I would not have started watching it ! I am now in the middle of episode 8 with no means to finish watching the drama !!!

I think Viki has to start putting a notice above the episode about a week in advance, something like "these episodes will no longer be available in your region on April 4th 2018" or something similar.

I believe that's the least Viki should do out of respect for their paying customers !



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    Hey morgane_claparede_402,

    I'm truly sorry for this unpleasant viewing experience!

    We are definitely looking into adding notices to warn users of dramas whose licenses are expiring soon and hope to build this feature soon.

    Another user has already made a feature request for it Expiring licenses notification and it'd be great if you can help upvote this idea as it will help the team prioritize build the features for which users would like to have the most.




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