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Seriously, why Viki has so many titles available in the US region and not in Europe? I'm paying the Premium Pass but 80% of what I want to watch is blocked in Ireland. What is the point of signing up and paying and all if I cannot watch what I want? If they are available in other regions is because the are already subtitled so why not to open the content to all your customers? I have recommended your website for many of my friends but I'm starting to regret that as they are all complaining abut the same thing.



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    Hey ancofe_45,

    The 'Not Available in Your Region' message appears when when we currently do not have the license to show the video you're looking for in your geographic region. It is not dependent on the subtitle language available and Viki Pass does not remove regional restrictions for content.

    If you'd like to request more shows in Ireland, please fill out this form to request the show you'd like to watch. Our content team will see your request, and we'll try our hardest to license the show in your region in the future.

    For more info on the licensing process, as well as regional licensing, please check out this blog post written by our CEO:



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  • Wait, the Viki Pass Plus is not supposed to be available in Ireland, or anywhere else outside the Americas. How come you were able to purchase it?

    And actually that is the reason that most Vikipass Plus content doesn't have a license for Europe, because Europeans are not supposed to have bought it anyway.

    Once one of my Italian subbers (based in Italy) told me her mother (also living in Italy) gifted her with a Vikipass plus and I was equally surprised. So there are exceptions?

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