Disable push notifications for completed episodes

I submitted this as a support ticket, but it was suggested to post here.

I have the push notifications set on my phone to notify me when a new episode is uploaded but not when the subtitles are completed. However, that combination sounds like it's not supported (despite my being able to set it as such). I haven't tried it, but I can only assume the opposite setup would work—that is, disabling notifications for uploads but keeping them for completed subs.

It's honestly not a big deal if this works, but I just found it strange that on the front-end, you can choose these settings, but they don't actually work.

Personally, I tend to marathon dramas, or at least watch chunks at a time, instead of following them as they air. In other words, I don't need updates for when the latest episode is "ready to watch." And so, I mostly have push notifications on to let me know when videos are uploaded for projects that I'm working on.

But to consider another scenario: Since I understand Mandarin, I don't need subtitles to watch Chinese dramas. I wouldn't need or want notifications for when the subtitles are complete, but maybe I'd like them for when the videos are uploaded.

Notifications for when subtitles are complete is certainly a nice feature, but I would still like to be able to turn it off.



  • As somewhat of an add-on...

    I'd also like to be able to specify the subtitle percentage that "complete" means, or maybe just raise the threshold overall. I think notifications go out at about 90% subtitles, but I'd personally prefer somewhere in the range of 97-100%

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  • Oh, there is such a thing for phone users? I want it too, for PC! Please...?!

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