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Hi Kristie,

I have 2  German subbers, one (not QC) has subbed before on it and has changed the ID, I added a newbie without QC status to the team and both do NOT have access to the drama nor the Editor. I know Joankeem vblog has ended in January 2018 did something change now with the access privilege?

Can you please check what is happening, both subbers use windows, one with Chrome and other with Explorer browsers.

1)moonjieq, 2)kkumkkuneun

Much appreciated, Simi

PS why my post needs an approval??



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    Hey Simi,

    The reason why moonjieq and kkumkkuneun don't have access to it is because the channel is no longer licensed in their countries.

    Also, your post needs approval as we have been receiving a lot of spam from spam bots. hence, we've decided to moderate all content
    Avoiding Spam - Moderating all content


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  • Thanks Kristie, I'm glad it's not only me to be approved, it was a weird feeling because before I didn't have that. Spam bots are always annoying and spoil the good stuff!


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